SerialTrac® is a complete solution that combines the software and the equipment. It can be offered thanks to our partnership with Olmec-UK Ltd design.

Olmec UK builds and integrates vision inspection systems.  Driven by excellence, our inspection systems safeguard the quality and integrity of our clients’ pharmaceutical brands worldwide.


Compliance is mandatory… competitive advantage is optional


Olmec vision inspection systems empower both.  Serving the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries for over a decade, Olmec’s team of multi-disciplined engineers thrive on the challenge of meeting our clients’ needs precisely; delivering the perfect, user friendly solution.


Bringing together best in class technological solutions for all aspects of serialization, aggregation, tracking and tracing


Olmec is proud to be part of SerialTrac® – a comprehensive single vendor solution addressing the complete requirements of the EU Falsified Medicines Directive.  Simply designed and perfectly crafted to fit into your existing process SerialTrac secures your products and ensures your competitive advantage.