FAQs – SerialTrac® can address your serialization issue, whatever the role you play on the market:

Are you a Pharmaceutical Company – Market Authorization Holder? Who hasn’t made a choice yet?

Time is running out and there is no room for hesitation: you must go to the best expert in serialization! Serialtrac® provides you with “compliance in a box” capability that will put you back on track and achieving compliance with a validated, best of breed solution that works.

Are you a large Pharmaceutical Company , struggling with the “last mile” of your serialization project at group level?

You don’t need necessarily to roll-out your core solution to the last lines, if it does not make sense or if time/cost do not allow. SerialTrac® can plugged into your ultimate lines, and interface to your main serialization solution, helping you to meet your global project target as well as the compliance deadlines on your targeted markets. Contact Us!

Are you a CMO, working for several MAH’s?

You probably don’t like to implement different serialization solution <son your lines. However you need to follow your customer’s requirements…
SerialTrac® can interface with the main serialization solutions from the market. Because of the GS1 standard that we use, Serialtrac® can easily connect with the major players

Are you a Wholesaler/distributor/3P Logisitics?

Our aggregation module is available in many different designs that can adapt to your processes and level of automation.  The EPCIS repository makes it easy to track your logistic transactions and to report to the EU Hub, or next transactional partner in the case of North America.

Are You a parallel Importer and/or Repacker?

Cost is probably an important decision criteria for you! SerialTrac® makes it easy and quick for you to comply with the new regulations, whatever your source and destination markets are. The extra cost per item is reduced to a minimum, and could even become a new source of revenue and profit, since “Serialization as a Service” could be offered.

Are you a Hospital or big pharmacy?

Don’t look at the new dispensing obligations as an extra constraint. Thanks to SerialTrac®, we provide you with tools that make it easy and non-intrusive. You would even benefit and save time when recall processes need to be done. You could think about new added value services like the “patient care” solution that comes as a SerialTrac® option, and that is going to explode together with the new regulated and controlled “e-Pharmacies”.

Are you a manufacturer of Medical Devices, Medical Nutrition, veterinarian products or other life sciences products?

Protecting your patient’s health and preserving your brand and reputation as a life science responsible stakeholder are critical.  Don’t wait for regulation to position yourself as a trusted and safe player in the life science business!
Recent scandals in China, France and other countries have shown the importance of managing supply chain integrity in a responsible and controlled way.
Serialization is the fundamental stepping stone to ensuring solid control of supply chain integrity. If you address it well, you will enable its full potential to help fighting illicit trade.
Serialtrac® is based on key international standards: GS1-coding and EPCIS for event management and storage. As a result, SerialTrac® can be easily adapted to meet market regulations as and when they change, reducing the risk of early adoption.

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